Selling at the show

Becoming an Exhibitor


Since 1972, The Great Midwest Train Show has been the leader in model railroading events in the Chicagoland area. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best events that truly promote the hobby in a positive way. We want people attending our shows to leave so excited about model railroading they can't wait to come back next month!

Whether you have 10 trains or 1000 trains, the Great Midwest Train Show is the perfect place to sell them.

We understand that a show promoter’s job
is to promote!


People need to know about the show to attend the show. On average we spend over $6500 per show on advertising including…

  • 14,000+ show reminder emails to previous customers.
  • 12,000+ postcard reminders to previous customers.
  • Magazine advertising including Classic Toy Trains, Model Railroader, Model Railroad News, Railroad Model Craftsman, O Gauge Railroading and many more.
  • Newspaper advertising in the Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times.

When you spend your money and time to be at a train show shouldn’t the promoter advertise the show to potential attendees? We take our job as promoter seriously and want people to attend so you do well.

Outside Selling Space

In the warmer months a pleasant option is to sell in the parking lot in front of Building 5. Outdoor selling space is available on a non-reserved, first come, first serve basis the morning of the show. Cost for an Outdoor Seller's Permit is $45.00. The cost does not include tables, chairs, or electric. (Our contract with the fairgrounds forbids us from using their tables outside so if you want to set up outdoors on tables you must bring your own). The equivalent of a parking space is the typical outside selling space. Obviously the weather is a determining factor in the number of sellers who set up outside but even in the coldest months there have been a few hearty souls who endured the harsh weather.


 The show is located in 5 buildings on the grounds of the DuPage County Fairgrounds.

Fairgrounds map of the train show (PDF version)


Click on the map for a larger version.