Show Schedule

The Great Midwest Train Show will be on the following Sundays…

2019 Show Dates

January 13, 2019
February 10, 2019
March 10, 2019
April 14, 2019
May 5, 2019
June 2, 2019
No show in July
August 11, 2019
September 8, 2019
October 13, 2019
November 10, 2019
December 8, 2019

Pick up a handy, wallet-size date card the next time you are at the show.

The show is usually on the second Sunday of each month except when Easter and Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday. Then, we move the show to the first Sunday of that month. 

The Great Midwest Train Show is a production.


Our mission is to promote the hobby of model railroading.